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Welcome to the English page on my website!

As I translate mainly from English to Dutch, my portfolio of translations is also written in Dutch, since it's meant to interest potential Dutch publishers and other companies to hire me as a freelancer. It includes book descriptions that include the original English title, so you are always able to track the original book down on the internet should you want to know more about its contents.

From my time as an editor (both editor-in-chief and copy editor, and basically many more variations on the theme as well), and the time since I've started Creative Difference, my portfolio also includes a sampling of articles and various other translations, also in Dutch.

The navigation pane to the left takes you to:
- Home: main page
- Publicaties: my own published writing (books, story collections, stories, commissioned stories, online fiction)
- Boekvertalingen: a complete portfolio of all the books I've translated, grouped by target audience (children, young adult, grown-ups and non-fiction)
- Diverse vertalingen: non-book translations, such as articles, entire magazines and online texts 
- Teksten: the place where you can view samples of articles I've written for various magazines, such as for the trade magazines for multimedia retail (Digitailing), for the printing industry (Compres, Pers, Print Buyer) and others
- Redactie: a glimpse of websites, texts and books I've had the pleasure to work on, mainly as an editor (proofreading, corrections)
- Magazines: contains a quick overview of the magazines I've worked on, either as a translator, an editor or editor-in-chief


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