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Louise Caiola: 'Inspiration Point'

NebraskaBrown ebookWelcome to my website, Louise Caiola! To celebrate the release of her new novel The Making of Nebraska Brown, Louise is currently undertaking an April blog tour, and today she's guest starring here with a guest post. Take it away, Louise:

Inspiration Point

Way back when – even before my time, there existed a place known as Inspiration Point. Largely fictional, urban legend stuff, I believe. Typified by scenes straight out of the 1950’s: old cars and teenagers parked beneath a cheesy yellow moon. Stealing first kisses and trading class rings. What such inspiration was derived from this place? I haven’t a clue. Yet, how awesome would it be if such a location was available to those creative-types who needed a quick fix?
If only.


If only there were some magic location, potion or planetary design. Some ever-blooming Inspiration Tree with free leaves for the plucking.

For the writer, inspiration is often the one missing ingredient in the recipe for the perfect end result. Without it, you have no meal. No offering. Where then, does a writer craving this all-important element, go to refresh, recharge, collect his inspirational due?

Some people find it hiding in a quiet spring morning, just behind the slow-parting clouds. It’s a glimpse of a cherished memory spotted in the face of your youth in a photo you haven’t seen in a while. It can be caught on a breeze off the shore, pushing the warm sudsy waves up your shins.

Most times it takes stepping away from the monotony, just long enough to clear the palate and start fresh. Sometimes inspiration comes from seeing the things we’ve seen a thousand times, only with new eyes. Sometimes it’s seeing something completely new for the very first time.

The point of inspiration is this – in order to recognize it you first need to clear out the mental dust bunnies. Step off the tired treadmill of thoughts that seem to rotate of their own accord. Remove yourself. Open a path and then step off.
There is no writing without it. So, become an avid inspiration seeker. Be Columbus. Magellan. Forget that worn movie scene of old. Go out and discover an Inspiration Point that’s all your own.


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