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WinterTo have travelled this far with as many hardships as I have faced, would be called idiocy. But only if there was someone here to call it that. And there isn’t. They don’t know that I’m coming, you see. Very suddenly and without fair warning, I have packed my bags. I’ve chosen a different route this year. You could almost say that I have gone on holiday, if I wasn’t working.

The low-hanging sunlight does nothing much to warm me. Not anymore. It’s almost as if she has grown tired of defending her territory, too. We are giants, she and I. We have lived in our own worlds for far too long. Time to shake it up a little.

I used to have my own realm. Deep South, steep North. Those were my playgrounds. Plus some mountaintops few and far between, high enough to pierce the clouds. But no more. I want to explore the middle worlds, and she is curious about the extremes. We make a good team.

And so, here I am. The valley below me expects a warm day when these clouds lift. Instead, their children’s eyes will sparkle as they touch my snow. 


* * *

Posted to 1000Words website, based on the photo prompt. Photo credit: alexcoitus. Some Rights Reserved. CC BY-NC 2.0

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