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Warming Up

Warming upWhat a wonderful day for a burning, she thought, rubbing her hands against the cold and stretching her wings.

The sun was high in the sky, but the city below her rays was cold and silent. It had been deserted for days. There had been no more movement since the Rumble. The Rumble that she had caused. Buildings had toppled, cracked and split. She’d quite enjoyed the birthday ruckus. Who knew that an underground hatching could be so destructive?

Well. They shouldn’t have built that metropolis on top of her egg, then, should they?

She folded her wings back in, before they got too cold. She padded forward and cleared her throat. She took a deep breath and focused. With all her might, she breathed out.

Triumphantly, she watched a single spark skitter and catch.

After all, one good spark is all it takes to set the world on fire.

* * *

Posted to the Flash! Friday website, using the photo prompt, credits: Red Sunset.CC2.0 photo by Petteri Sulonen.

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