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My Other Half

Visual verse Mermaid


From the visual prompt on the left came a strange little tale about a daughter and sister... Published on the Visual Verse website.

My Other Half

‘Be all you can be,’ she said, as she brushed my long strands of auburn with her too delicate fingers.

Her hands taking their time to appreciate every single natural curl of my flowing hair, admiring the reflection of herself when she looked at me.

I never knew she was at that moment once more imagining the girl that should have been sitting by my side, sharing my eyes, my tears.

Trembling fingers then touched my cheek and turned my face towards her.

She made me meet her eyes. Two dark pools of experience surrounded by lines of wisdom and woe.

‘Never give up on your dreams.’ She made me promise.

And I did. As I gazed lovingly down upon her and crossed my fingers behind my back, I did.

Little did she know what I dreamt of...

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