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First edit: complete. Or not?

Editing my book took me much longer than I thought it would. Sure, I had a little bout of flu that killed my workflow for five entire days, but even if I forget about that, it's taking me longer than I thought. My novel has also grown quite a bit. I had 76,760 words when I finished writing my NaNo project, and now it's grown to 89,171 words.

And even though I've reached the end, I now have a few things I want to try and do. I'm just not sure when, since I must must must get back to my translation of Back to Blackbrick first. Want to know what I was happy or unhappy with? I'll tell you...

First of all, I think it's only fair to say that I was and still am quite proud of myself. I've left the book untouched and unseen for three entire months, and it managed to suck me right back into the world I had created in my head. The school halls, the courtyard, the walk from school to Feather's house, it was all still in my head like places I had actually visited. Which I haven't.

Mostly my editing consisted of making a few scenes better, less wordy. Which is an accomplishment, considering I've made it tigher by adding 13,000 words. (I'm currently redoing the math in my head, I'm that surprised.) Certain things, I felt, took too long to develop in my heroine's mind, and some things are - still - repeated a few too many times, but I've discovered that that is a trait many Young Adult books share. So I've left that be. For now.

What I was less satisfied with is the final two chapters. All of my so-called action occurs here, but it's less explosive and less surprising than I had hoped it would be. I'm currently doing my best to come up with ways to build up to it more, or add something that makes it that little bit more dramatic and dangerous. (Still waiting for an idea, though.)

The final sentences also didn't cut it. They're still there, but I need them to be different. I know that I want more humour, more of a wink-wink to the reader (and between the characters), but right now I haven't found the right words yet. Although that may come once I rework the ending into a more shocking finale. Or at least, that's the plan, anyway.

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